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Is your data safe? Have you backed up your computer(s)?

File Based Backups

Takes a backup of files and folders that you specified.
Backed up:                  Word docs, Excel docs, PDF files, etc.
Not Backed up:           Software such as Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.
Hardware Needed:      None.  Files are backed up to the cloud.
If computer crashes:  You can restore the files, but will need to re-install all of your software.

Image Based Backups

Takes a picture of the entire machine: software, files, etc.
Backed up:                  Word docs, Excel docs, PDF files, etc.
Also backed up:          All Software (ex. Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
Hardware Needed:      A physical external backup drive.
If computer crashes:  You can restore your computer and it will look and act the same way as the day you took your last backup.

Windows Backup/Restore

Mac Time Machine


  • E-mail addresses for your business
  • Example:
  • You can go to your website to check email
  • You can utilize Outlook or Mac Mail
  • Emails can be accessed on any device

File Collaboration

  • Free account includes 2 GB of data storage.
  • Files are stored on your computer and on the internet (cloud storage)
  • You can view/update project files
  • Learn more about Dropbox

Digital Signatures

  • Digital Signatures for Contracts
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Free Service for up to 5 documents/month
  • Monthly fee for more than 5 documents/month

Email Marketing Campaigns

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