Dropbox for File Sharing

by deevisesolutions on October 17, 2015

There are many files involved with projects:  requirement docs, content docs, status reports, website images etc.  It is inefficient to communicate project files via e-mail;  we utilize Dropbox.  Think of Dropbox as a place to store files on the internet (cloud-based storage) that we can both access and update.

What is Dropbox?

  • Dropbox offers cloud storage. Files are stored at www.dropbox.com on secure online servers.
  • Dropbox files sync with your devices. You can view/edit files on your computer/tablet/phone and they are automatically synced with dropbox.com.
  • Dropbox files can be shared amongst multiple Dropbox users. Each user can view/edit shared files.


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deevisesolutionsDropbox for File Sharing