The Process

What We Do

Responsive Websites

We create, redesign, modify and maintain websites.

  • Websites are responsive – meaning they look good on all devices.
  • We can maintain the content on the site for you or we could train you to maintain the content on the site yourself.
  • We follow web standards to ensure quality.
  • We write initial content for your pages.
  • Learn about the technology we utilize for websites

Website Components

We handle all aspects of your website

  • Domain name ( and hosting the website.
  • Integrating Calendars, Blogs, E-Commerce, Video and Audio
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which means that search engines like Google will find your website based upon keywords
  • Email, Social Media,  daily back-ups  … and so much more
  • There are too many components to list here.  We incorporate any and every component needed for your website.

Communication is key.

Contact us anytime to discuss the project. We provide weekly status updates.

Completing a Website Project

The Process - Step by Step

  • 1. Planning Meeting

    This a free consultation where you tell us about your company and we brainstorm ideas for the website.

  • 2. Cost Proposal

    Based upon information gathered during the Planning Meeting, DeeVise Solutions creates a cost estimate for completing the project. Upon approval, we move on to step 3.

  • 3. Creation of Requirements Documents

    Project Plan – outlines all tasks and target completion dates.
    Site Map – categorizes your content into pages and sub-pages.
    Initial Content for the site is populated in Word documents.

  • 4. Content Approval & Revisions

    Client provides feedback on content. Client has direct access to documents to add or revise content.

  • 5. Website Design

    Now that a majority of the content has been provided, we can create a design for your website. The design is the look and feel of your site, the colors, the graphics etc.

  • 6. Create Test Website

    We create your website in a test location. The design, content and images are implemented here. This way, you can review and approve the website before any of your customers can see it.

  • 7. Live Website & Ongoing Maintenance

    We implement the approved website at We can make future updates to the website or we can train you how to make updates on your own.

deevisesolutionsThe Process